Why did we make Astra?

An education tool always helps to increase the autonomy in learning new things and
to practice the learnt things. Astrophysics is a branch of science which tries to explain the
events of the cosmos through mathematical principles. Learning astrophysics involves
formulas and calculations. Because of this, we decided to build a calculator which has some
inbuilt formulas used for calculating some physical quantities related to astrophysics. We
have chosen topics that involved school level of mathematics and physics, as we are targeting
the students of age group 14-18. Using this calculator, students can analyse various outputs
for different range of input variables. It allows them to learn the significance of different
quantities involved in the formulas. It also helps the students to apply their level of
understanding to some advance concepts in astrophysics. 

Who are we?

Ain't no mountain high enough;
Ain't no valley low enough;
Ain't no river wide enough;
To keep us from making life easier for you!
Astra was created by 6 super-talented interns at SSERD. The entire website was created remotely and at our homes
(The closest distance between any two members is 256 kilometers, while the largest is 2280 kilometers)

Rupam Karmakar
Rupam Karmakar 
Team Leader, Programmer
Zubiya Moriswala
Assistant Team Leader
Ganga Hegde
Bennet Darshan
Jishnu N M
Uma Shankari
Content Creator

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