Seemingly Endless

Try Astra now! A quick way to perform astrophysics computations 

Calculations now simplified.

All of us, at some point or another, have had to re-do a calculation because of one tiny little mistake. Other calculations have gone on forever (and ever and ever...)
Astra ensures that you never make a mistake in your calculations nor would you have to perform endless calculations that span for a million miles (we know we're exaggerating, but you get the point)


How does Astra work?

Want to calculate the escape velocity of a planet? Want to know the Schwarzschild radius? Astra has 26 topics (more to come too!) which you can pick from. Select on the topic of your choice and get started. 


Never leave a stone unturned. 

Each topic has a brief explanation along with an illustration. Not only do we want to simplify your calculation but also help you understand the topic in a much better way. 


Calculations simplified.

Each topic has a calculator associated with it. Simply enter in the values and click 'Enter'. Astra does all the calculation for you and returns the answer instantly. That's it! To sum it up in the immortal philosophy of Kevin Malone, "why do lot calculations when few clicks do trick?"

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